As part of our ongoing collaboration with Truro High School for Girls, artists Sharon Bruster, Natalie Day, Sue Spence, Sarah Ransley and Roberta Hopkins are having a two week residency in the school which started on 10th June 2024.

They are making collaborative work as well as taking time for reflection and development of their own practice.   The residency is also another opportunity to inspire and support the development of young female artists in our County.

There's a crazy Still Life setup for girls and the artists to make drawings about, a large collaborative canvas for everyone to contribute to, some stitching, painting, drawing and tataki-zome (flower pounding), printing and glass work going on - and that's just week one!

Updates to follow.

  • 9th July 2024 to 13th July 2024

We will be having a group exhibition at Falmouth Poly in the Spring Gallery from 9th to 13th July 2024.

The exhibition, entitled Colours of Summer, will feature the work of a number of our group members, with works in a variety of media, all of which will be offered for sale.

The exhibition will be accompanied by an online exhibition here on our website.

One of our creative projects this year is a concertina collaboration.

Pairs of artists are making concertina books together.

These books are developing over time – often being posted back and forth between collaborators over several months, with each artist responding to their partner’s work at each stage, to build up layers and layers of marks which ultimately create a rich and exciting collaborative work of art – which bears no resemblance to the first tentative marks on blank paper!

This process is hugely creative and exploratory. It involves trust between creative partners and the...

In September 2023, textile artist Sue Spence invited group members who used textiles in their work to join her to share their work and practice. Six artists gathered in the first meeting and the Textile Artists subgroup, now numbering fourteen, have since met twice more.

The artists currently in the group work with yarn and textiles in diverse ways including hand or machine embroidery, fabric or mixed media collage, wet felting, needle felting, patchwork, crochet and weaving. Some are primarily painters, whose work includes stitched elements, or artists still experimenting or considering...

  • 23rd November 2024 to 29th November 2024
We will be having a group exhibition in the historic Crypt Gallery in St Ives from 23rd to 29th of November 2024. Watch this space for updates.