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Prime Women Artists is a network for practising women artists across Cornwall, founded in 2023 by artists and friends Sharon Bruster and Maggie Cochran.

Our aim was to build an informal community for women artists, to enable creative collaboration and mutual support, to support practice development and to create opportunities to raise the profile of women in the arts in our County as well as creating opportunities to show our work together.

We now have over a hundred members from across Cornwall.

Our values are:

    Collaboration, not competition
    Better when we share
    Learn together
    Play together
    Encourage, empower, explore

If you are a gallery owner, arts organisation or journalist wanting to know more about our network or to connect with us on art projects, collaborations or exhibition opportunities, please contact us HERE.

Please subscribe to our new BLOG on Substack (it's free!). We are just getting started but hope to post here regularly once we get going.


Our next group exhibition, Colours of Summer, will be held at The Poly in Falmouth from 9th to 13th July. We're looking forward to bringing together the work of 15 of our members in a colourful celebration of the season. 

Alongside the exhibition we will be hosting an online exhibition here on our website, so do watch out for that if you are unable to attend in person.

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